Vampy reverse

Introduction to the Vampyreverse

The Vampyreverse overlaps our own universe, and an understanding of vampire pathology, psychology and history is a first step to winning a war that has lasted for centuries.

Until very recently, the vampyr has sought to survive and thrive with the knowledge that all our understanding was based on myth, legend, and old wives tales in equal measure.

Now, we have science. We can confirm the myths, expose the legends, and have the decency to thank the old wives, who were usually right.

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Kindle Dracula

What this version does is provide the full unadulterated text of the novel, with the chapters and subsections rearranged to allow you to navigate chronologically through the text. Sample the approach


amped Out

“A Treat for Insomniacs”

Eight episodes of about eight minutes each – catch it online.

Vamped Out


“Tall, dark… and immortal”

Despite CBS’ denials, this series merges bits of Angel with an updated Nick Knight (my opinion!).

One Season (2007-8)

Blood Ties

“A Crime Series with Bite”

Based on the Blood Books by Tanya Huff

Blood Ties
Two Seasons (2007-8)

Blade – The Series

Firmly based on the Movies and Marvel Comics, the series shared writers with the films, but featured an all-new cast, including Kirk Jones (Blade), with Jill Wagner (Krista Starr), Neil Jackson (Van Sciver), Jessica Gower (Chase) and Nelson Lee (Shen).

Blade - The Series
One Season (2006)



Given Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), and later Wesley (Alexis Denisof), plus a steady flow of guest stars from Buffy, the show also benefited Joss Whedon’s successful production team. It ran for a respectable five seasons.

Buffy, the Vampire

“Buffy – You Are The Slayer. Into Every Generation, A Slayer is Born; One Girl in All the World. The Chosen One. One Born with the Strength and Skill …”

, seven seasons of Buffy opened the Vampyreverse to discussion and reconsideration as never before. ‘Buffy’ combined humour, drama, horror and plain old fashioned teenage angst.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Vampire High

Set in a residential high school, the twist is that it’s a normal school by day, and the vampires – being ‘normalized’ – come out at night.

Teen vamps have problems of their own, let alone mixing with day folk … and the staff also have their concerns …

Vampire High

The Embraced

Aired in 1996, Kindred was Aaron Spelling’s foray into niche TV; trouble is, it took all the Spelling stereotypes with it, and was cut after just seven episodes (plus one unaired).

Kindred The Embraced

Forever Knight

Cut off after just three seasons, FK established many of the rules for Vampires on TV, and set new standards for awful acting.

, then a miniseries, then a three-year series on CBS, achieved cult status toward the end of the first series – when CBS wanted out, a letter campaign saved the series for two more years …

Forever Knight

Dark Shadows:
The Revival

Twelve episodes remade; similar story lines, but highly condensed. Created by Dan Curtis, but an all-new cast and setup.

Dark Shadows - The Revival

The Series

This children’s TV show had just one season (1990), and maintained a high standard throughout. their vampires were a little odd, but were consistent and most of the time the stories were original and quite amusing, if a little hammy …

Forever Knight