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Dead Men Walk


Dead Men Walk


Vampire Movies 1900-1959


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The Movie

Elwyn Clayton dabbled in sorcery all his life, and swore that death wouldn't stop him. And it didn't. Blaming his twin brother (Doctor Lloyd Clayton) for his death, Elwyn - now a vampire - sets out to destroy the doctor's reputation, then kill him ...

  • Directed by Sam Newfield
  • Starring
    George Zucco as Dr. Lloyd Clayton/Dr. Elwyn Clayton
    Mary Carlisle as Gayle Clayton
  • Studio: Producers Releasing Corporation
  • Running time: 63 minutes
  • Monochrome.


Fully equipped with a hunchback servant, Our Vampire starts looking for necks; not just for blood, but to cast doubts on his twins abilities, motives and sanity; nice touch. But the movie is painfully slow, and very predictable; not a lot of suspense, and minimal horror. In his doctor guise, George Zucco plays a tired old man; as the evil twin, he is given to promises of doom, but little action. Zolarre, the servant, brings a little spirit to the action, but it's not really enough.

We are told, by the woman destined to die for her insight, that vampires live in their coffins by day, and wander freely by night. Significantly, she emphasizes that they can only be destroyed during the day. So why do we see our intrepid heros wandering around with torches? Lazy screenplay, that's the only explanation.


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