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Vampire Happening


Movies from the 1970s


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The Movie

An American actor inherits a castle in Transylvania, unaware that her ancestor, the Baroness Catali, was a vampire. released from her tomb, the countess ravages the nearby village and Catholic seminary, often confused with her great grand daughter.


Pia Degermark as Betty Williams and Clarimonde
Thomas Hunter as Jens Larsen
Yvor Murillo as Josef
Ingrid van Bergen as Miss Niessen
Joachim Kemmer as Martin
Oskar Wegrostek as Abt
Ferdy Mayne as Count Dracula
Lyvia Bauer as Gabrielle
Daria Damar as Kirsten


This movie fails on every level; it sets out to be a farce, with one actor playing both the actor and her abestor. Using wigs and changing clothes, each pretends to be the other, with ... disappointing results. Trouble is, it's so slow - you can see what's happening long before it hits you. the script is poor, or maybe the translation. And the dubbing is fairly dire, with the voice actors competing with the real ones for uselessness.

The Duchess/Actor stands out, however; Pia Degermark shines head and shoulders above the rest; but she really doesn't understand sex appeal - or maybe her husband (the director) inhibited her.

A few funny moments, but any semblance of plot had fallen away after the halfway mark, with the most boring orgy I've ever seen, eventually winding down to a silly ending.

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