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Vampire Circus


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The Movie

After a ritual riot and staking, Count Mitterling swears that all the village will die in order to bring him back to life. A few years later, a plague strikes ... and if that wasn't bad enough, the Circus Comes to Town ...


This is a quirky little film, with an original story and a lot of potential. Weakened by sluggish direction, the real curse is the actors; a fine list of supporting actors, but none with enough charisma to lead; The Count was frankly feeble, and the school teacher was an unlikely hero; as for the doctor's son; don't ask!

The 'circus' theme was well used; the acrobats and dancers were superb, and the clown was (as always) totally unfunny. The strong man (David Prowse) demonstrated his inability to act long before George Lucas recognised it and concealed him in a Darth Vader suit with a real actor's voice.

But it's easy to look back and wonder how it would have been if Lynne Frederick could act; it's an enjoyable 84 minutes, best take it as it comes.


  • Director: Robert W. Young
  • Screenwriter: Judson Kinberg
  • Story: George Baxt, Wilbur Stark
  • Director of Photography: Morey Grant
  • Composer: David Whitaker
  • Editor: Peter Musgrave
  • Producer: Wilbur Stark
  • Featuring: John Moulder-Brown, Adrienne Corri, Thorley Walters, Anthony Higgins, Laurence Payne, Richard Owens, Lynne Frederick, Elizabeth Seal, Robin Hunter, Domini Blythe, Robert Tayman, John Brown, Mary Wimbush, Christina Paul, Robin Sachs, Lalla Ward, Skip Martin, David Prowse, Roderick Shaw, Barnaby Shaw, Milovan & Serena, Jane Darby, Sibylla Kay, Dorothy Frere, Sean Hewitt, Gilles Phibbs, Jason James, Arnold Locke

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