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Evil of Dracula



The Bloodthirsty Trilogy:

Legacy of Dracula - Lake of Dracula - Evil of Dracula

Evil of Dracula


Movies from the 1970s


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The Movie

"When professor Shiraki starts his new job at Shimei School For Girls, he is unprepared for the horrors that await him in the classroom. He arrives to discover the principals dead wife kept in the cellar, and his fellow teachers acting oddly towards the pupils. Shiraki learns of the legendary vampires that infest the region.

With help from Shimimura, the school doctor, he begins to piece together theanswer to the mystery behind the school and the disappearances there. Ancient legends of undead demons and a 200 year old coffin lead the pair to discover the deadly secrets of the principal, and his plans for everlasting life.

As more girls succumb to the malevolent force that holds the school in it's grip, Shiraki and the doctor must find a way to put an end to the ancient evil, before it devours them all."


Despite being set in a girl's school, with pupils declaring their love for Teacher, this Japanese interpretation of the Hammer Horror tradition is romantic rather than raunchy, and chaste almost as much as chased.

By far the best of the 'Bloodthirsy Trilogy', this has a well developed story that lasts well over 60 minutes, tough not quite the 82 minutes of the movie. The acting is much better, too, with Shiraki and the terrified schoolgirls excelling (dead and alive); some of the minor characters let the side down by overdoing it, but on the whole, it keeps a steady pace, with lively action until the final 8-minute fight to the death - which would better have been a 30-second fight, but you can't win them all!

In a nod to the vampire tradition, the movie offers another Origin Theory, one that links East and West, with a religious twist.

I enjoyed this movie, I just wish a director's cut - about ten minutes shorter - was available.


Features a portrait gallery, biographies and promotional stuff.

Evil of Dracula was the third in 'The Bloodthirsty Trilogy'. Three films from director Michio Yamamoto, with a common feature that Dracula neither appears, nor is mentioned. That's what they call 'marketing'.

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