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Dracula Bites
the Big Apple


Dracula Bites the Big Apple


Movies from the 1970s


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The Movie

Directed by Richard Wenk

Written by Fred Olsen

Barry Gomolka as Renfield
Peter Loewy as Dracula
Steve Rubell as Himself
Karen Tull as The Girl
Whitey Wenk as Customs Official

Produced by Richard Wenk
Makeup artist: Laurie Aiello


This rather sweet little movie (just 22 minutes) recounts Dracula's experiences in New York; I'm not sure whether it intended to satirize vampire movies or New York, but either way, it has some great moments, from Dracula's fellow passengers leaving the airplane with tissues held to their necks, to Dracula being graffitted as he tries to get the girl on the subway ... and many more great moments.

The casting is great, the acting superb, and it's a well-paced story with a great ending. The cast does have a worrying propensity to burst into song ... but hey, you can't have everything!

It was this $5.5k movie that got Richard wenk the opportunity to direct Vamp (1986). Well worth hunting for; go see it!


I've only seen this as an extra on the Vamp DVD.

How To Buy This DVD

So far as I'm aware, this DVD is not available 'new' - I buy rarities from ebay.

Check out Vamp; this movie may appear as an Extra - but no guarantees!

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