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Nick Knight


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A 'made for TV' movie, apparently in a CBS series of Cop dramas. Later developed into a three-series cult show: Forever Knight.

Like so many TV movies, this one had a nice idea - a repentant vampire who wishes to atone for past excesses - but a pretty flat script, with poor characterization and weird casting. Rick Springfield, in the title role, "has a lean and hungry look that contibutes to his tortured vampire character as he runs the gamut of emotion from tormented to tormented" wrote one reviewer.

Most of the characters were paper-thin and underplayed, while Schanke (Nick's sidekick) is so over the top that it's a caricature of Macho Cop.

Most of the plot lines, and much of the script, were retreaded in the series to greater effect and with more attempt to explain Nick's torment and motivation. Here, you just have to go along with it and hope for the best!

The understanding of vampirism is pretty flaky - a sin repeated to a lesser extent in the TV series. For example, Nick manages to hurl himself out of a window and fly across the city, while too weak to stand, almost. And the flight has sound effects clearly intended to suggest bat wing flight. I don't think so!

In 92 minutes, it would not be fair to expect the relationship with other vampires to be explored in depth, but it would have been nice for LeCroix to have at least made sense - mind you, that was still the case after three TV series!

All in all, a standard TV movie; disappointing script and trite ending. Definitely essential for Forever Knight fans.

And only fair to say I saw this after seeing the series.

  • Director: Farhad Mann
  • DVD Release Date: March 4, 2003
  • Encoding: Disc are Region Specific (Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain

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