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Daughter of Darkness


Daughter of Darkness


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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A beautiful young woman is endlessly tormented by strange dreams of castles and graveyards. Desperate to discover the source of these nightmares, she travels to Romania to find the father she never knew, who might provide some answers.

Once there, she falls prey to the sensuous and charming Grigore, who leads her into the dark and hidden chambers where her father lives -- as a vampire prince. But Grigoire's motives are hardly pure, for he too belongs to the evil undead. When he tries to seduce Cathy, and mix his blood with hers for eternity, her father intervenes. For this action, a tribunal condemns him to death.

Cathy, who has managed to escape the vampires' lair, begs handsome embassy attache Jack Devlin for help.


Some producers feel that the vampire story is so strong that they can hire a poor cast, dispense with a decent script - and still have a hit. This producer - Andras Hamori - proves that the old logic sometimes fails. This is a pretty poor TV movie.

It must be a bit traumatic to have vivid dreams all your life, follow them across the world, only to find Anthony Perkins hamming it up for an Oscar nomination (no, he didn't). It's the usual story; girl loses Dad, girl finds dad, but he's a vampire, dad saves girl ... we've all been there, but our nightmares were probably more convincing, and without the labored false Central European accent.

The story is simply unnecesarily complicated, and told too slowly; it's like pulling teeth. Perkins, supposedly a Prince of Vampires, has about as much authority as a glass blower, while the Young Upstart has all the charm of a dingo.

The film is further undermined by the invention of a whole new way for Vampires to suck blood. Why?

The highlight of the movie is the new spin on "Good Cop - Bad Cop" - in Romania, they do it with taxi drivers. Now which was the 'bad' one again ... ?


  • Starring: Mia Sara, Anthony Perkins, Robert Reynolds, Jack Coleman
  • Director: Stuart Gordon
  • DVD Release Date: 4 August, 2003
  • Run Time: 89 minutes
  • Encoding: Disc are Region Specific (Read more about DVD formats.)
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