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Project Vampire


Project Vampire


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

"Imagine a macabre scheme - so horrifying,so diabolical - that it defies imagination and reason...An abomination of catastrophic proportions that would forever curse the existence of humankind. That horror is code-named Project Vampire, it does exist, and the blood will not stop flowing until the monster behind this unspeakable madness is destroyed.

That monster is Frederick Klaus, and he is globally marketing a fountain-of-youth serum that instead turns people into throat-ripping vampire beasts. The one man that can stop him, Victor Hunter, is a Project intern infected by the serum and himself a vampire. With the help of a brilliant bio-chemist and a beautiful nurse of the threshold of vampirism, Victor attempts to synthesize an antidote while being hunted down by Klaus' blood-devouring servants. Amidst the carnage, grisly slaughter and his own vampire cravings, Victor must infiltrate the Master's secret lair and annihilate him and Project Vampire for all time."


If I say this movie is dire, I'm torturing the English language, and flattering the movie. It's worse than that.

Starting with a sub Keystone Cops pursuit of three human lab rats, the film degenerates into a mathematical minefield. One syringe will turn you into a vampire, while another is an antidote that allows you to remain a vampire, but survive sunlight. Another seems to kill vampires, another lasts for only 2 hr 13 min ... you do the math. They all look the same to me.

The acting is appalling, the director on holiday, and the camera shakes while the cameraman lights up a cig, then there's a long lingering shot of a brick wall while he wanders off to smoke it.

The story is so weak that it wouldn't make a convincing episode of the twilight zone; apparently it was a two part mini-series. I'd love to see the viewing figures for part two!

This is a movie best buried under a few feet of concrete.


  • Director: Peter Flynn
  • Starring: Myron Natwick (Dr. Frederick Klaus), Brian Knudson (Victor Hunter) and Mary-Louise Gemmill (Sandra Jensen)
  • Producer: NBV Productions Inc.
  • 88' (cover 92')
not currently available in the US

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