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Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

"Harry is a young, Jewish scientist who is trying to isolate the guilt gene. When the laboratory administration announces a budget cut, Harry is forced to purchase the rats for his experiments through a Transylvanian agency. After being bitten by one of these rats, Harry is transformed nightly into "Draghoula", a vampire in drag. Harry's mother, and his coworker, Sabrina, each believe they know the key to returning him to his former state, and attempt to save him."

Described by some as a "cult" movie, and by others as "the kind of hamster snot that gets low budget movies a bad name", this is a standard self-indulgent headline grabber from a postgrad with more of (someone else's) money than sense.


  • Author: Bashar Shbib
  • Director: Bashar Shbib
  • Producer: Bashar Shbib
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: Canada
  • 86 minutes

How To Buy This DVD

  • So far as I'm aware, this DVD is not available 'new' - I buy rarities from ebay

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