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Addicted To Murder


Addicted To Murder


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

What happens when a serial killer encounters something far worse than himself... when he discovers the real reason why he kills? The answer lies with his childhood friend Rachel. For most of his life, Joel has been obsessed with her, constantly searching for the same type of twisted relationship. Then he meets Angie, who is from the same breed as Rachel and soon learns his true identity. He discovers he is a hunter, a vampire.

  • Director: Kevin Lindenmuth
  • Writers: Kevin Lindenmuth, Tom Piccirilli
  • Writing credits: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Tom Piccirilli

  • Cast (in credits order):
    Mick McCleery as Joel Winter
    Laura McLauchlin as Rachel
    Sasha Graham as Angie

    Bernadette Pauley as Kathy
    Candice Meade as Sabrina
    Jolee Becker as Allison
    Gordon Linzner as Dr. Noland
    Debbie Troche as Prostitute
    Morgan Ross as Cop
    Rick Poli as The Super
    Lori Tomlinson as Babysitter
    Darrell J. Fusaro as Boyfriend
    Sewell Whitney as Interviewer
    Ron Ford as Polonia
    Steve Maruzzelli as Bartender
    Carl Miller as Homeless Man
    Mark Gallagher as High-School Peer
    Gary Theroux as News Anchor
    Brenda Warren as Hitcher
    Nick Stagliano as Mr. Monroe
    Brett Heniss as High Schooler
    Michael Velasco as Passerby In Park
    Renee Nocito as Mother
    John Kolinsky as Vampire Hunter
    Nancy Gray as Aunt Connie (voice)
    Derek Becker as Bat Monster

  • Full Cast and Crew for
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    Directed by
    Kevin J. Lindenmuth

    Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
    Kevin J. Lindenmuth
    Tom Piccirilli

    Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification
    Mick McCleery .... Joel Winter
    Laura McLauchlin .... Rachel
    Sasha Graham .... Angie
    Bernadette Pauley .... Kathy
    Candice Meade .... Sabrina
    Jolee Becker .... Allison
    Gordon Linzner .... Dr. Noland
    Debbie Troche .... Prostitute
    Morgan Ross .... Cop
    Rick Poli .... The Super
    Lori Tomlinson .... Babysitter
    Darrell J. Fusaro .... Boyfriend
    Sewell Whitney .... Interviewer
    Ron Ford .... Polonia
    Steve Maruzzelli .... Bartender
    Carl Miller .... Homeless Man
    Mark Gallagher .... High-School Peer
    Gary Theroux .... News Anchor
    Brenda Warren .... Hitcher
    Nick Stagliano .... Mr. Monroe
    Brett Heniss .... High Schooler
    Michael Velasco .... Passerby In Park
    Renee Nocito .... Mother
    John Kolinsky .... Vampire Hunter
    Nancy Gray .... Aunt Connie (voice)
    Derek Becker .... Bat Monster

  • Produced by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

  • Original Music by Steve Maruzzelli, Hector Milia

  • Cinematography by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

  • Edited by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

  • Year Released: 1995


The movie tells three stories; Joel's life in the past, largely (but not exclusively) in monocolor, with shakey camera to show it's 'his view' (and when it isn't); the story of a Joel, a serial killer, shown by inserts of TV interviews and psychologists views, and , finally, Joels own story, mostly now, of how he came to realise he was a vampire.

It's easy for me to write that; but the movie itself grinds rather slowly through the tale, leaving you unsure when Joel became a vampire, why he doesn't know, and what the xjzyf are vampires doing out in daylight?

To add insult to injury, you really don't want to know. Joel is not the most sympathetic of characters, nor the most interesting. The two female leads are lively and keep the story going - but their idea of vampires is never explained - and is very different to any other vampire in both lifestyle and hunger.

A low budget film, which does excuse some of the slowness, I suppose - but weirdly unsatisfying.


Twinned with 'Addicted to Murder 2'

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