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The Addiction


The Addiction


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

Directed by: Abel Ferrara

Starring: Lili Taylor

with: Edie Falco, Annabella Sciorra, Christopher Walken, Paul Calderon, Fredro Starr, Kathryne Erbe, Michael Imperioli

Written by: Nicholas St. John


Lili Taylor, a philosophy grad student at New York University, gets bitten in the neck and turned into a kind of supernatural drug addict, hooked on blood. Ferrara, whose scabrously powerful Bad Lieutenant is one of the rare unblinking excursions into the addictive psyche, would seem to be the perfect filmmaker to convert the notion of vampire as junkie into queasy, gory psychodrama.

But The Addiction is a Ferrara dud. Instead of spinning out a modern horror story, he turns the film into a crackpot lecture, making vague herky jerky ''connections'' between vampirism, the Holocaust, and the history of modern philosophy. The usually impish Taylor is reduced to prowling the streets in wraparound shades as she drops fashionably affectless assessments of Kierkegaard.
From a review by Owen Gleiberman

It really is a pretentious movie; no philosophiocal debate, just a selection of cheap shots claiming to demonstrate that men do evil things because they are inherently evil (rather than men become evil because they do evil things). As Sartre (bless him!) would have said, this is just bad faith, denying that man has any choices; life is predetermined. If it 'proves' anything (it doesn't), it is that man is, at times, is no more than an animal; a fox in the hen house. But we all knew that. And thousands of years of human history does prove that man has free will, and can rise above base desires. If he wants to.

In his desire to show how clever he is, Ferrara never bothers to expore or explain what the vampirism is all about; for him, it's just a metaphore for evil. Another cheap shot?

Despite all this, the movie is very watchable; filmed in delicious monochrome, you feel the need to follow the spiral of addiction to the end - and the end is quite satisfying, even though you could see it coming.


82 Minutes

At this time (Nov 2008), there is no mass-market US release; only imports.

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