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Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf


Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

A beautiful young woman traps unsuspecting men into being her slaves. In order to keep her oung, beautiful and alive the men must supply her a diet of fresh blood.

Directed by Conrad Brooks

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Conrad Brooks
James Chean
Joe Estevez
Del Howison


It was 20 minutes from knowing who would be the first victim, to his loud and boring demise; then the movie really slowed down. It's quite normal for zombies to be slow; that's almost a hollywood rule - but this director slowed the whole movie down to match his zombie.

The only mystery is why the victims didn't run away; a drunken snail could have sung Wagner's Ring cycle (some 15 hours) while pursued by this zombie.

There really is nothing good to be said - after a while, you find yourself in a sort of trance, head rocking gently, weird moans emanating from the back of your throat, as you pray for it to end. Boring, boring, boring.

And to add insult to injury, no vampire, no slaves, no wolf.


How To Buy This DVD


How To Buy This DVD

So far as I'm aware, this DVD is not available 'new' - I buy rarities from ebay

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