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Blood Thirsty


Blood Thirsty


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

"Room mates can be murder"

Celia is looking for a place to live and finds, a wealthy woman with a large house, and a need for female boarders. A few weeks later, Whitney confides that she likes to drink blood and wants Celia to be her new donor. Celia soon gets to enjoy the experience, and finds she needs it as much as Whitney ... who realises what sort of monster she has created.

Cast includes:

  • Monique Parent as Whitney
  • Leslie Danon as Celia
  • Matt Bailey as Jim
  • Julie Strain as New Roommate/Narrator

Directed by Jeff Frey
Written by A. Gregory
Produced by Gary Bryman
Cinematography by Ed Tillman
Film Editing by Darin Roberts
Production Design by Harlan Spatz


The really sad thing about this movie is that it is boring - I literally fell asleep watching it, and didn't get to the end until my third attempt.

Also, despite copious use of the word 'vampire' - and fangs on the promo shots, this is not even about vampires, but renfields.

The director chucks in a bit of of rather one-sided sex to compensate, but nothing to get excited about. The acting is wooden, the guitar playing faked, and the editing unimaginative.

There are lazy gimmicks, like having Whitney in Shadow, but a bright light around her eyes; myterious the first time, corny the tenth, and pathetic by the fiftieth time. The only action that looks entirely real, is Celia weilding a razor; she's either very brave, very sick - or it was exceptionally neat camera work. But this is trivia ...Save your money.

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