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Die Hard Dracula




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The Movie

"A modern Dracula legend with Bruce Glover as Dr. Van Helsing, a world-renowned Vampire Hunter and Denny Sachen as Steven, an American returning to his parents’ homeland to forget the drowning death of his fiancé, teaming up to find and destroy Dracula."

"This spoof has Steven discovering his drowned fiancé has become Carla (both played by Kerry Dustin) a Czech innkeeper’s daughter. He will risk his life to keep her from becoming Dracula’s new bride!"


This is one of those rarities; a movie that combines a bad script with bad acting and abysmal direction. Bad movies really don't come much better than this! The story is convoluted, implausible, silly and remarkably inconsistent. The acting is so wooden, you could carve a stake out of most of the lead characters, confideent that they'd never notice. The director probably slept through the lot - he certainly didn't notice that his vampire had little or nothing in common with any previous vampires, except an inability to appear in mirrors. Further, he blissfully allowed his vampires to be utterly immune to any attack, however poorly planned and executed, rather spoiling the ending for me.

Not to be missed by any serious vampyrologist - but do try to avoid the animal transformation sequences, and pretend you haven't noticed the make up and special effects.


  • Starring: Bruce Glover, Denny Sachen, Kerry Dustin.
  • Director:
  • Encoding: Discs are Region Specific (Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Format: Color
  • Studio: Crossed Arrows Distribution.
  • Some language, mild sexual content and brief nudity.
  • DVD Release Date: 1998
  • 90 min.
Die Hard Dracula

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