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The Ironbound Vampire




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The Movie

A former police officer uncovers a pattern of strange disappearances and unsolved deaths in and around the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey. The crimes all seem to involve a mysterious man named Thomas whose background is shrouded in the occult.

Starring: Richard Matyskiel, Deana Demko, Dolores Fuller, Conrad Brooks
Director: Karl Petry


"I gave this movie two stars solely for the presence of Conrad Brooks and Dolores Fuller, B-movie heroes from the classic Ed Wood days. The movie itself is, however, horrible. It is extremely difficult to follow and has numerous pointless plot elements introduced at seemingly totally random times. The film, directed by Karl Petry, has exceptionally bad acting and possibly the worst accents I can ever recall in a motion picture. Combine that with amateurish editing, very bad music, and awful sound effects and this is a pretty potent package.

The movie is highly narrated to keep the plot as lucid as possible. The storyline itself concerns an outbreak of vampirism in Newark, although much of the film is shown as a flashback to World War One. There are subplots about a woman becoming impregnated by a ghost on a washing machine in an amusement park, as well as spontaneous casket combustion. Important legal and ethical questions are also introduced: the ACLU says that vampires have rights as a minority, while the Veterans Administration becomes involved because the vampirism is a service related injury. If this all sounds like a mess, it is.

This is one of the least coherent, incompetently made films I have ever seen, and I can't recommend it except for the amusing presence of Brooks and Fuller."
From a review by Robert I. Hedges



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