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Vampire Seduction


Vampire Seduction


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

A soft core porn movie with female stars who think they are sexy, male stars who think they are funny, and a production team without a thought between them.

Starring Tina Krause, Paige Turner, Kiki Michaels
Directed by John Bacchus
DVD Released 1 Sep 2001
Run Time: varies from approx 60 minutes to 75 minutes


"John Bacchus' early films are simply dreadful, none more so than Vampire's Seduction. Tina Krause plays Dracoola, daughter of the vanquished Count Dracula. She recruits Wally, the last of the Van Helsings and an utterly disgusting imbecile, to bring her the lesbians she craves. Wally sneaks into a house and watches an unattractive woman shower and then rub lotion on herself. Next, he spies on a sleepover wherein some girl's mother tells a couple of supposedly virginal young girls to forget about boys and then shows them how they can entertain themselves. Finally, we have a psychiatrist whose unusual method of treatment for a woman who considers herself unattractive (for good reason) is interrupted by a pizza delivery boy. That's pretty much it, except for the stupid ending with Dracoola and Wally. Debbie Rochon plays a waitress but her talents are completely wasted here. The movie is painfully stupid, incredibly boring, and amateurish in the extreme."
Amazon review by Daniel Jolley, Shelby, North Carolina.


Available in region 1 and 2 versions.

Blooper reel.

Special Features

Some versions feature Misty Mundae's "Misty's Secret"

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