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Cold Hearts


Cold Hearts


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

Cold Hearts:
Region: One
Genre: Horror

  • Stars:
    Robert Floyd,
    Marisa Ryan,
    Amy Jo Johnson,
    Christopher Wiehl,
    Christian Campbell,
    Fred Norris
  • Writer: Robert A. Masciantonio
  • Director: Robert A. Masciantonio
  • Feature length: 88 minutes
  • Theatrical Release: 1999


A little bit of life in the vampire community; their pain, their internal feuds, their ways of passing the time. Trouble is, they turn out to be just like the rest of us, only a little bloodier. Eternal life is a boon to some, torment for others; some feel guilty about the way they treat other creatures (us!); others rejoice in the vampire equivalent of pulling wings off flies.

Even the central story, where our hero rescues our heroin from a life of abuse at the hands of her ex, comes to nothing - because of her 'cold heart'; an inability to form deep, rewarding relationships.

The young writer-director (aged 24, apparently), clearly hadn't realised that these awful tortures are endemic in humans too.

Good cinematography (mostly) some good acting (and some bad). Would have been a good story if he's have thought of an ending (and made it flow much quicker). But in the end, it's a big "so what?".


  • Languages: English Stereo
  • Packaging: Alpha Keep Case
  • Chapter Stops: 18
  • DVD Release: 2002
  • Home Video Distributor: Synapse Films
  • MPAA Rating: R

Special Features

(US: Special Edition) Filmmaker’s Commentary, Promotional Trailer, “Jerks” – An Original Short Film, Animated Still Gallery, and Original Cast Audition Tapes

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