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She Lives by Night


She Lives by Night


Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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The Movie

Roger, accidentally knocks down a woman whilst driving home. She appears unhurt but can't remember who she is. He invites her to stay until she's back to normal. gradually she remembers her name is Angela ... and discovers that she is a vampire.

Directed by Brett Hull

Written by James Stewart


Liliana Cabal as Angela
Pat Collins as Carl
Carmen Fournier as Waitress
Derek Johnson as Guy in Club
Sergio Mora as Dance Club victim
Shauna Scott as Helen
Marty Steinberg as Waiter
Melissa Timms as Eleanor
Ron Wilcock as Transient
John Woodhouse as Roger Spellman


An interesting story; a vampire is involved in a traffic accident, loses her memory, and awakens to her desires before she knows who she is.

On the negative side, the car driver and male lead John Woodhouse, as Roger Spellman is so wooden that it's hard to imagine a vampire, however concussed, falling in love with him. Part of the problem is the dialog, which is wholly unconvincing. And the screenplay never actually gave 'Angela' her memory back, which is a sad cop out.

The film is saved by Liliana Cabal, as Angela, who nicely plays up the fear and confusion of the lost vampire. better than that, she illustrates how a fully dressed vampire can make eternal life and murder seem sensuous. Fine acting.

Carl (Pat Collins), is also pretty wooden, but I suspect he was intended to be, while Helen, as the 'close friend', is well prtrayed by Shauna Scott - you really want her to survive, so that she can maybe put some life into Roger.

I enjoyed the movie, but there's no escaping the fact that with a better script, slicker editing and better male leads, it could have been much better.

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