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Reign In Darkness


Reign In Darkness


Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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The Movie

"Molecular biologist Michael Dorn is accidentally infected with RVK-17, a virus he is working with. The virus, which he believed was designed as a cure for HIV, actually turns its victims into vampires.

Now a threat to the company - and the secretive "Council", Michael is on the run, a tortured soul living off the streets as he battles to come to terms with his new life as a blood lusting predator.

With bounty hunter Lance and junkie vampire Gage in pursuit, Michael now knows the true potential of the virus. His options; destroy all knowledge of the virus and the people behind it, or succumb to the power and delights of this dark and evil way of being."


Without the boring voice-over for the first 15 minutes, you'd have no idea of the plot; with it, you are resigned to another 'mad scientist' movie. Sorry, no dice. No mad science, precious little vampirism; this is a mixture of Mafia/Gangster and x-files/conspiracy. With a dollop of sword fighting and unnecessary weaponry thrown in.

The writer's mistake is clear from the outset; this is no Mad Max; not even a Sigourney in Alien - there is no hero, no sympathetic character. While there's a lot of talk about vampires, they seem to hide a lot, and despite their supposed evil powers, they rely on guns and BMWs, just like everyone else.

The ludicrous moments outweigh the good ones; with automatic weapons firing, Lance produces a crossbow, firing a wooden arrow ... into Dorn's leg. No-one takes their shots (Can vampires deflect bullets, as well as recover quickly?). And the 'Save The Whales' speech at the finale is so monstrously stupid, that you wonder how anyone got to the end.

I'm a great fan of low budget movies, and I can forgive a lot of economies. Sound effects that never (not once) match the action; fine. Actors whose accents vary from Melbourne to LA via Dublin; fine. But I will not forgive a shoddy screenplay. A film has no right to be made if the writers can't cut the waffle, get to the point, and have a story to tell. And tell it.

They're talking about a sequel. I hope they read this first.


  • Actors David W. Allen ; John Barresi ; Kel Dolen ; Chris Kerrison ; David No
  • Director David W. Allen ; Kel Dolen
  • Certificate Restricted
  • Production: RapidFire Productions Pty Ltd
  • Made 2001, released 2002
  • Screen Widescreen 1.85:1
  • Languages English - Dolby Digital (5.1)
  • Additional Languages English (Dolby Digital Surround)
  • Subtitles Spanish
  • Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes (approx)

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