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Dracula - Ascension

aka Dracula II


The "Wes Craven Presents" Series:
Dracula 2000 | Dracula Ascension | Dracula Legacy



Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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The Movie

The ageless vampire returns from apparent extinction. The twist is that Dracula's blood will be used by a researcher (baroque performance by Craig Sheffer) to reverse the effects of a crippling disease; Sheffer's assistants (read: vampire fodder) will help. Joining this scientific survey is long-haired vampire slayer Jason Scott Lee, who seems to have stalked in from another picture - but never mind Roy Scheider, whose wizened priest might be onscreen for all of 60 seconds.

  • Writers - Patrick Lussier, Joel Soisson
  • Director - Patrick Lussier
  • Executive Producers - Wes Craven, Nick Phillips
  • Released: 7 June 2003
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Also Known As: Wes Craven Presents Dracula II: Ascension
  • Cast
    Jennifer Kroll as Twins of Evil
    Craig Sheffer as Lowell
    Diane Neal as Elizabeth Blaine
    Khary Payton as Kenny
    Jason Scott Lee as Father Uffizi
    Brande Roderick as Tanya
    Jason London as Luke
    Tom Kane as Cartoon Voice
    John Light as Eric
    Stephen Billington as Dracula II
    Nick Phillips as Officer Smith
    John Sharian as Officer Hodge
    Dragos Balauca as Altar Boy
    David Gant as Old Priest
    Roy Scheider as Cardinal Siqueros
    Daniela Nane as Cat as Woman
    David J. Francis as Jesus
    Rutger Hauer as Dracula (flashforward)


A sequel to "Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000", there's little in common besides the studio milking wes Craven's name for all it can get, and Wes Craven taking his thirty pieces of silver for betraying the audience yet again.

The story is a tad over the top, with fairly feeble performances from most of the leads. Dracula has a strong brooding presence throughout, and the all-too-human vampire hunter is a cool cookie.

There are some excellent set pieces; a sack of grain thrown to slow Dracula down - apparently legend says that vampires have to stop and count every grain; so he does; instantly.

The strong thread of the movie is showing the human side of the characters; involved through finacial greed, they gardually come to care more for the chance of Eternal Life.

The weak thread is the interaction between them; if their relationships were that pathetic, would they ever have been pals, let alone got involved in this terrifying caper? I think not.

All in all, a see once and move on movie; quick and loads of action, but poorly plotted and sadly scripted. Opening left for another sequel ...



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