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Vampires: Out For Blood


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The Movie

TV movie about an undercover cop investigating disappearances who finds a nest of vampires and gets bitten. By an amazing coincidence, his estranged wife is an expert on vampires, and hopes to reverse the process before it's too late, and catch the ringleader.


Kevin Dillon as Hank Holten
Vanessa Angel as Susan Hastings
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Layla Simmons
Lance Henriksen  as Captain John Billings
Kenneth Colom  as Alex
Alex McArthur  as Jake Vincent
Sam Kanater  as Vampire Leader
Jim Ortlieb  as Doctor Blake

Directed by Richard Brandes

Written by Richard Brandes


Not bad vampire thriller. When a cop, played by Kevin Dillon, investigates strange disappearances in town he finds a lot more than he bargained for and after getting bitten by an ancient vampire, realises he has only 24 hours to find out about the disappearances and find those responsible before he becomes a vampire himself. Although this has a bit of a budget, made for TV feel at times, it's pretty good and has some scares and moments of gore.
From a review by Adam M.

Average straight-to-DVD effort here. Nice to see Kevin Dillon and Lance Henrikson do their thing, but overall they could not elevate the quality of this film above dull. It's not terrible - I've seen much worse - but it lacks imagination.
From a review by WrenchLT

Could've / should've been much better. Interesting plot with a neat twist or two,  but weakend by the rather hammy acting of the hero, and a pretty leaden script all round. You'd have thought the producers would have objected to the hero's coincidental marriage to THE expert on vampires, which must be the weakest plot device for 17 years (Twilight's various slips notwithstanding) ... maybe they didn't read that far?


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The movie is in widescreen

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