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The Movie

Vera and Vanja, two vampire sisters, are forced to run for their lives, after Vera kills the leader of a biker-gang in a night club. Vanja decides that she wants to leave the outcast vampire-lifestyle and to live a normal life, even though it means the end of a life with her sister. Vera finds this hard to accept ...

Directed by Peter Pontikis
Written by Peter Pontikis

Jenny Lampa as Vera
Ruth Vega Fernandez as Vanja
David Dencik as the Taxi driver


Yes, its not like others in that its not like any other vampire film that you've seen. The cover suggests something far bloodier than this unusual offering from Sweden. Vera and Vanja are a pair of vampire sisters, Vera is the younger and hungry one, Vanja wants to blend into the world of the humans and live a normal life. They are not exotic, they're poor and hungry and they don't have fangs or special powers. One night Vera kills the leader of a biker gang and the girls have to flee for their lives through the empty streets of Stockholm in the rain. Most of the film is about the chase and their relationship and there is only one other kill. Despite this, this is an unusual film that captures your attention and portrays another side to the vampire story besides that of super strength, sex and sparkly skin. The dialogue is in Swedish with subtitles, it's Dolby 2.0 only and the film is grainy and atmospheric but in anamorphic widescreen. It is not however a horror film. - P J Rankine on Amazon

This fairly dire movie hoped to cash in the international success of "Let The Right One In", but lacked the star quality in the lead roles, any directorial vision or imagination, and, saddest of all, lacked an interesting or compelling story line. Both sisters are fairly wooden, and it's hard to feel any particular sympathy for them as the bikers close in; let's face it, they killed one of them, and failed to hide from them, even though the bikers seemed happy to ride up and down the street, without looking too hard. This might have made a half-hour 'Tales of the Unexpected', but it certainly didn't justify 72 minutes or a theatre release. I suppose we should be grateful that they didn't spin it out for two hours.  - Drak


Released in Sweden, 2008; DVD (Region 2 only) 2009. The DVD features the trailer, as well as the movie.

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