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Against the Dark


Against the Dark


Vampire Movies of the 2000s


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The Movie

When most of the population of Earth is infected with a virus and transformed into vampires, a group of hunters sets out to eliminate them. Six non-infected survivors try to find the exit of an abandoned hospital crowded with the creatures, and have to be rescued. Meanwhile, the military command is ready to bomb the area and wipe it from the map.

Directed by Richard Crudo
Writing credits Mathew Klickstein
Cinematography by William Trautvetter
Film Editing by Tim Silano

Steven Seagal as Tao
Tanoai Reed as Tagart
Jenna Harrison as Dorothy
Danny Midwinter as Morgan
Emma Catherwood as Amelia
Stephen Hagan as Ricky
Daniel Percival as Dylan
Skye Bennett as Charlotte
Tania Dobre as Attendant #1
Mihaela Constantin as Attendant #2
Linden Ashby as Cross
Keith David as Lt. Waters
Clay Donahue Fontenot as Harrington
Stephen Haynes as Soldier
Stefan Iancu as Young Boy
Mihaela Elena Oros as Young Woman
Claudiu Bleont as Surgeon
Andreea Ungureanu as Sophie


"While the vast majority of Seagal's movies are undeniably awful, there is always an element of fun in them that manages to come through even the stupidest story lines, but not this time. There isn't even any of Seagal's traditional style of ass-kicking prowess to be had here, he just walks through dark hallways occasionally hacking vampires to death.

The movie begins with the explanation that a virus wiped out nearly all of mankind and that there were no vaccines and no immunity. Minutes later, a voice-over explains that "some of the wounded were immune, others just changed." 

Nice. I like the narrative consistency. Later, after meeting several examples of what the human race have transformed into, one character explains, "Everyone thinks they're vampires, but they're not. They're mutants." 

Is this for real? Vampires. Does anyone think these things are vampires? These are typical, badly performed zombies straight out of any cheap zombie movie. To suggest that they are vampires is to display a spectacular lack of understanding of one of the most basic tenets of horror movie lore. Vampires, among other things, drink blood. They don't tear out entrails in mindless feeding frenzies.

In one scene, one of the "vampires" tells one of the uninfected characters something like this, "We have evolved. We think, we talk, we plan…"

Yeah, but we know all about our evolutionary history, but we don't understand that we're zombies, not vampires. Consider, for example, Brad Pitt's and Tom Cruise's brilliant vampire performances in Interview with the Vampire, an immeasurably better movie. They are educated, they're philosophical, they radiate class and style. To say that the things in Against the Dark have evolved from them is quite a statement indeed. So let's just refer to the creatures by what they really are, shall we?

Steven Seagal's first line in the movie, by the way, comes after he and his team rush on screen and cut up a bunch of zombies that are closing in on a young boy. After killing all of them, Seagal says, "We're not here to decide what's right or wrong, we're here to decide who lives and dies."

What does that even mean? It doesn't matter, the entire script is stupendously dumb, and the movie reduces the destruction of all of mankind to a handful of people wandering around a darkened hospital trying to avoid getting eaten while they wait for Seagal and his crew to come save them. The United States Military, headed by Keith David (the movie's one completely wasted talent), waits outside for Seagal to do all the hard stuff. 

If you were to make the sad mistake of watching this thing, I would actually recommend watching the extra feature on the DVD that talks about the making of the movie. Sometimes these making-of featurettes can be helpful in slightly changing your opinion of a bad movie, but in this case it is more interesting than the movie itself just to watch how completely deluded everyone seems to have been in making it. I can't understand how anyone at any moment of production could have tricked themselves into thinking that they weren't making a spectacularly bad movie, but they did it, man. They really believed they were onto something with this mess. Miss it!"

 - Edited from an IMDB review by Michael DeZubiria

What he said, in spades. The main plot devices seemed to be

  • Never stay together
  • Ignore anything that could be useful as a weapon
  • When you think the power is going to go off, jump in an elevator

The script is painfully bad, with poor continuity, poor characterisation, and zero depth. The standout feature for me was the cinematography; I was impressed by the way a poorly lit set produced a quality product. And the sets weren't bad (probably a real hospital on location!).


94 Minutes

Special Features

"Making of" Featurette


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