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Vampire Award: Worst Movie of the Year

Vampire Award: Worst Movie of the Year




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The Award is an annual recognition of the very worst in Vampire Movies. Only one film can win this coveted award each year - though the accolade may be taken away at seconds notice, if a worse film is discovered. Let's face it, if was any justice in the world, Elvis would be alive, and the impersonators would be dead.

2010 Vampires Suck
Dire, sad spoof of Twilight; everyone in the world laughed at Twilight - but these 'professionals' couldn't raise a smile.
2009 Against the Dark
Dire script, awful acting; even the action sequences couldn't be saved by Steven Seagal
2008 Not Like Others
Biker gang ambles after two vampire sisters who killed one of them. Think of it as a nice look at Stockholm's shopping centre after dark. Overlong at just 72 minutes.
2004 Shower Of Blood
Wooden actors, lousy direction, no story, edited by a visually challenged teenager.
2000 Addicted To Murder 3 - Bloodlust
This is truly pathetic. A cliche-ridden saga of prison life for lifers, vampires and naughty guards. Yawn.
1998 Vampire Call Girls
For this to be exciting, reality does not need suspending - it needs levitation. Even most teens will be disappointed.
1997 Club Vampire
The direction was appalling, though marginally better than the editing. Casting was verging on the insane.
1995 How To Slay A Vampire
A no-budget horror of a movie, which the perpetrators have no excuse to palm off onto innocent people.
1993 Project Vampire
The story is so weak, the acting is appalling, the director on holiday, and the camera shakes.
1989 I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle
An unfunny comedy with bad acting, poor script and pretty dire special effects. And so s-l-o-w.
1987 Graveyard Shift - aka Central Park Drifter
Starts with great ideas - but the director chucks up more and more distractions and the movie kinda fades out.

The award is not made for every year; sometimes no movie delivers the sheer depths of awfullness that the judges require. But if you have any nominations (including movies not yet featured at Vampyreverse), we'd be pleased to consider them.

But the judges decision is final. For now, anyway.

Vampire Award: Worst Movie of the Year

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