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Forever Knight
Season 2



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Forever Knight 2nd Season

Vampires On Television

Vampires On Television

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The Cast

  • Geraint Wyn Davies as Detective Nicholas "Nick" Knight
  • Catherine Disher as Natalie Lambert
  • Nigel Bennett as Lacroix
  • Deborah Duchene as Janette
  • John Kapelos as Detective Don Schanke
  • Natsuko Ohama as Captain Amanda Cohen

The second season saw the show settle down to a gentle formula; the back story of Nick's search for a cure took a back seat, and the use of historical contexts was used a lot, largely with good effect.

However, Nicks love-hate affair with Lacroix becomes tedious. It's hard enough to believ that an 800 year old vampire can be so neurotic and helpless that he still needs lessons in vampirism, without the increasingly lazy scripts that used Lacroix to fill yawning gaps in the week's tale.

Episode Guide: Season 2

23 Killer Instinct 17 September 1994
While investigating a series of bizarre murders, Nick discovers that the villain is a familiar face from the past.

24 A Fate Worse than Death 24 september 1994
Jannette ask Nick for help in investigating the murder of a friend, whih leads Nick into the seamy world of prostitution.

25 Stranger than Fiction 1 October 1994
Nick investigates the attack of a vampire novelist by one of her crazed fans, and finds himself falling for the beautiful author.

26Forward Into the Past 8 October 1994
When Nick's long time friend is murdered, he is determined to find her missing secretary before the murderer strikes again.

27Hunted 15 October 1994
A series of lead Nick and Schanke to believe that the villain is hunting the city's most dangerous criminals for sport.

28Faithful Followers 22 October 1994
Nick goes undercover and joins the Luminology cult to investigate the death of a city official's son.

29Father's Day 29 October 1994
The next of kin to the city's biggest crime family, is determined to leave the family "business" to live a normal life; however, family ties are not easily broken, and Lacroix is sought for his help.

30Undue Process 5 November 1994
When the prime suspect in the murder of Natalie's niece is released because of insufficient evidence, Natalie runs her own lab tests and uncovers another murder.

31Bad Blood 12 November 1994
Nick discovers an ancient, terrifying evil is behind a series of grizzly murders plaguing the city, and he may not be able to stop it.

32Can't Run, Can't Hide 19 November 1994
A parole officer is Nick's prime suspect in a murder investigation until the suspect nearly becomes the next victim.

33Capital Offense26 November 1994
After approaching a convicted fugiive, Nick is convinced of her innocence but must prove it before she is put to death.

34Amateur Night 21 January 1995
An actreess complicates an investigation when she tries to play detective in a real-life case.

35Beyond the Law 28 January 1995
When an ambassador is the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Nick ignores the captain's orders and wrongly accuses the powerful politician.

36The Fix 4 February 1995
Nick secretly investigates a member of Internal Affairs as he searches for the reason behind a fellow officer's suicide.

37Be My Valentine 11 February 1995
Valentines Day brings love and murder to the precinct, as Nick divulges his feelings for Natalie.

38The Fire Inside 18 February 1995
Nick chases a psychopath who is burning people alive and tries to protect the targets of the killer's rage - a band of homeless people living under the city's streets.

39Blood Money 25 February 1995
The son of a prestigious financial advisor is framed for his father's murder.

40Partners of the Month 22 April 1995
Determined to prevent Nick from taking all the glory for solving another murder case, Schanke captures the killer on his own. Or so he thinks.

41The Queen of Harps 29 April 1995
A cursed antique harp becomes the motive for murder and the focus of Nick's investigation.

42A More Permanent Hell 6 May 1995
Nick discovers that rumors of a giant meteor heading for Earth were used to manipulate the stock market.

43The Code 13 May 1995
When a series of death is blamed on product tampering, Nick refuses to believe Schanke's conclusion, and insists on solving the case himself.

44Curiouser and Curiouser 20 May 1995
When Nick blames himself for a murder victim's death, his guilt consumes his entire world, distorting all reality.

45Near Death 8 July 1995
When a doctor experimenting in near death experiences dies, Nick secretly agrees to "go under" in an attempt to reconcile his own past.

46Baby, Baby 15 July 1995
A figure from Nick's past complicates a murder investigation, forcing him to choose between reconciling his past and preventing another murder.

47Close Call 22 July 1995
Schanke questions Nick's abilities and investigates his seemingly superhuman powers.

48Crazy Love29 July 1995
Nick investigates two murders as he searches for an escaped mental patient, only to discover the psychopathic killer he apprehends did not committ the crimes.

  • Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
  • Encoding: (Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Format: Full-screen format
  • Color, Closed-captioned, Box set
  • DVD Release Date: January 2005
  • Number of discs: 6

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