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Forever Knight
Season 3



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Forever Knight 3rd Season

Vampires On Television

Vampires On Television

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The Cast

  • Geraint Wyn Davies as Detective Nicholas "Nick" Knight
  • Lisa Ryder as Detective Tracy Vetter
  • Catherine Disher as Natalie Lambert
  • Nigel Bennett as Lacroix
  • Ben Bass as Javier Vachon
  • Blu Mankuma as Captian Joe Reese

By the third season, it had become clear that Schanke's character could not be taken seriously, and it was too late to refashion him as a thinking, progressive foil to Nick's increasing introspection, so they they chucked him in the shower, sorry, blew him up. Fairly clumsy and brutal, but final.

His replacement, Tracy, while undoubtedly breathing fresh life into a tiring franchise, also provided another plot short cut for the lazy scriptwriters: her father is a very, very senior man in the police. So, as the mood takes, he can help, hinder or completely sidetrack the plot, avoiding the need for more complex and believable challenges.

Lacroix continued to read the moral of the story and provide a "get out of jail free" card when the plot got bogged down (2-3 times an episode by now), and would you believe it, an amazing string of coincidences allows Tracy's vampire boyfriend to simply zoom in and save the day in two episodes.

As the show ground down to its finale, it became increasingly difficult to care one way or another about the characters (except a fond desire to stake Lacroix), and the end was a blessed release. No surprises, no celebrations. And we'd done the mourning already.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's not enough to have good actors, a believable vampire world or even great production values. Vampire television lives or dies on a credible story, well told. Forever Knight will always be a 'could have been so much better' show.

Episode Guide: Season 3

49 Black Buddha (1) 23 September 1995
When an airplane explodes while Schanke is transporting a bombing suspect, Nick becomes racked with guilt. He feels it should have been him on the plane and not Schanke. Nick turns in his badge, ready to move on to a new life. He decides to return to duty when other police stations in the city start exploding.

50 Black Buddha (2) 23 September 1995
When Nick discovers that Tracy's mystery man Vachon is a vampire, it complicates an already complicated situation. Luckily Vachon and Tracy's mutual attraction saves Tracy's life. However, Tracy's awareness of vampires, and Vachon's penchant for running from his responsibilities place them all in danger as the bomber plots to use Tracy in his next bombing.

51 Outside the Lines30 September 1995
When a grisly murder occurs, it complicates an undercover cop's investigation. Detective Bruce Spencer believes he knows who the murderer is, but since he has no proof, Nick is suspicious. It also doesn't help that Bruce and Tracy go way back and in Tracy's eyes he can do no wrong. When Nick witnesses Bruce's brutal behavior, he knows that nothing is as it seems, and he'd better find the murderer before he strikes again.

52Blackwing7 October 1995
A man's death seems directly related to a court battle over Native American land. But when Nick comes into contact with a spiritual healer who sees the darkness inside him, the case seems suddenly unimportant. As Nick focuses on the possibilities of this spiritual realm, strange things begin to happen. Things seem to go from bad to worse when the murders escalate, and Nick is afraid he may somehow be responsible.

53Blind Faith 14 October 1995
When a serial rapist is ripped to shreds by a dog, Natalie suspects that something isn't quite right. Nick's investigations leads him to suspect a carouche, a lower form of vampire who typically feeds on vermin, may be behind the dog's behavior. When Nick finds the dog, he discovers that it is the devoted companion of a blind dispatcher. Now he must figure out how to protect the dispatcher (and everybody else) from her not-so-mortal dog.

54My Boyfriend is a Vampire21 October 1995
Both Natalie and Tracy start thinking about relationships, when a woman goes on a talk show to reveal that her boyfriend is a vampire. When the woman is found murdered, Nick must find out if the murderer truly is a vampire and stop him before he strikes again. At the same time both Natalie and Tracy struggle with what to do about the relationships (or lack therof) with the men -- or rather vampires in their lives.

55Hearts of Darkness 28 October 1995
A patron of the Raven is found dead, apparently killed by a vampire in unusual circumstances. The woman at the scene has no memory, and there are no clues. Nick must find the vampire-killer before he strikes again, while keeping Tracy out of trouble. For Tracy is aware it is a vampire, and is searching for the killer, too.

56Trophy Girl 4 November 1995
When Tracy is given a three-day leave after shooting a perpetrator, Nick works alone on a grisly murder investigation. However, Tracy ignores her orders and goes undercover at an escort service, putting her right in the sights of the killer. While Nick enlists the help of an infamous serial killer to try and find the killer, Tracy just might be the next victim.

57Let No Man Tear Asunder 11 November 1995
An autopsy reveals a murdered woman's heart has been surgically removed, prompting Nick and Tracy to investigate the black market for human organs. Working undercover, Tracy visits a suspected dealer at the local hospital, unaware that Natalie Lambert is scheduled for a routine knee operation at the same facility. Upon learning Natalie has been chosen as the next "donor," Tracy is overcome by the dealer and prepped for the operation instead.

58Night in Question18 November 1995
A bullet wound to the head lands Nick in the emergency room - when the doctors find no pulse, no heart rate, and no brain activity, they declare him dead. Fast action by Natalie and LaCroix, brings Nick back to life. While his physical wounds are healing, his mind is another matter--he has amnesia, and therefore no memories of who he is or what he is. Both Natalie and LaCroix see this as a chance to acheive their goals for Nick. Who will win this little contest, and what will be the price? Meanwhile, Nick must find the killer before he strikes again, as well as find out who he really is.

69Sons of Belial 25 November 1995
A routine investigation into a suicide leads Nick and Tracy to an exorcist. As they witness an exorcism, Nick is overpowered by a terrible evil. Unable to control himself, Nick turns to LaCroix for help. But even LaCroix is powerless in the face of this evil, and at Nick's request, takes him to the exorcist to help free him from the Son of Belial.

70Strings13 January 1996
An unusual murder leads Nick and Tracy to popular singer Christie Black, who is undergoing intense psychotherapy with the controversial Dr. Ben McGee. As more people close to Christie are killed, the suspects are dropping like flies. Nick needs to find the killer before there is no one left to kill. And apparently he'll have to do it without a partner - Tracy's father Commissioner Vetter has arranged a transfer for his little girl, a transfer she's considering.

71Fever20 January 1996
A scientist is murdered and a lab rat escapes when industrial espionage goes awry. But far worse things begin to happen when the lab rat, infected with a newly engineered virus, becomes Screed's next meal. Designed to combat HIV, the virus becomes lethal to vampires as it multiplies and intensifies each time they "feed." As the virus spreads rapidly through the vampire community, it infects Vachon, Nick, and LaCroix. Nick races agains time to find the killer - while Natalie struggles to find a cure.

72Dead of Night27 January 1996
When a murder occurs in a haunted house, it looks like the murderer might just be...a ghost. On top of the investigation, Nick, Natalie, and Tracy all encounter ghosts from their own past after entering the house. When another man is apparently killed by the ghostly murderer, Nick and Tracy suspect their ghost may not be so dead. While they hunt for the murderer, they must find a way to come to terms with their own ghosts.

73The Games Vampires Play3 February 1996
While investigating the murder of a virtual reality software designer, Nick is fascinated by the designer's vampire game. Inside the game, Nick finds the killer waiting, daring him to try and find him. Nick plays the game and searches for clues, but finds himself intoxicated by the vampire feeding instead, feeling his lust for blood and killing reawaken. The closer he gets to solving the crime, the closer he gets to wanting to losing control and kill again.

74The Human Factor10 February 1996
Nick is amazed when a police sketch composite for a murder suspect looks remarkably like Janette. Then Janette suddenly shows up again in his life, admitting to the murder and asking for his help. As Nick struggles to discover the truth behind Janette's behavior, he puts his career on the line for her. When he discovers her secret, Nick is faced with an impossible choice.

75Avenging Angel 17 February 1996
A woman is brutally murdered in her daughter's room at a shelter for battered woman. Her daughter, Julie, is a traumatized eyewitness to the slaying and identifies her father as the killer. Despite her account, Nick and Tracy are unable to find enough evidence to hold or indict him. As they search for the truth, an "avenging angel" decided to take justice into her own hands.

76Fallen Idol24 February 1996
A mentally handicapped teenager witnesses the murder of a popular wrestler and his account implicates his uncle, another wrestler, as the murderer. With his uncle in custody, Nick and Natalie volunteer for joint custody of the boy, Joey, to try and help him out. While Nick tries to determine what really happened and who really committed the murder, Natalie in her desire to help the boy makes a decision with far-reaching consequences. Her actions may end up causing devastation and emotional trauma instead of helping.

77Jane Doe 27 April 1996
A particularly brutal murder leads Nick and Reese to suspect a released killer with a best-selling book on "The Killing Mind." The murder matches those that Reese investigated years ago prior to the man's conviction on a simple manslaughter charge. Reese and the murderer play a game of cat and mouse and Nick, Natalie, and Tracy try to find evidence that can prove he is the murderer.

78Francesca4 May 1996
Nick and Tracy are both deeply disturbed by the brutal "kiss" murders, where victims are being drained of blood. Nick recognizes them as the style of Francesca, a vampire he knew long ago. But Francesca is dead--or is she? Tracy also finds herself struggling with feelings of deja vu which she is unable to come to terms with. When a psychotherapist comes to them with information about a patient she has been counseling, it looks like they have found the murderer. However will they be confronting a deranged killer or the reincarnated soul of a vampire bent on revenge. If it is Francesca, Nick may not survive the encounter.

79Ashes to Ashes 11 May 1996
When an anonymous tip leads NIck to a "headless corpse" in the Raven, it is only the beginning of a deadly game, with vampires as the target. Nick soon discovers the ultimate target in these murders is LaCroix. Anyone and everyone who is close to LaCroix are being killed. When LaCroix reveals that the perpetrator is Divia, his daughter and master who he betrayed long ago, it becomes a race against time for Nick to find her before she comes for him or LaCroix.

80 Last Knight 18 May 1996
A friend and colleague's suicide causes Natalie to reexamine her life and her feelings for Nick. Nick, too, is dealing with the loss of a friend, and his own feelings and reactions. When Natalie confronts him, Nick makes some decisions that will have far-reaching implications on all of their lives.

  • Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
  • Encoding: (Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Format: Full-screen format
  • Color, Closed-captioned, Box set
  • DVD Release Date: January 2005
  • Number of discs: 6

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