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Season Three can boast some fine episodes, but the season arc was sacrificed for several season arcs; missing an episode left you absolutely floundering, as Big Events happened to all the key characters.

Angel, like Buffy, was a show that was one man's baby; so when Whedon took his eye off the ball, drift set in. Angel's story at least made sense; Wesley's was a cliffhanger waaay too far, and the Cordelia story was frankly all over the show. Too many plates to keep spinning at once.

For me, the season was saved by Darla and some strong links to the past. As for individual episodes, Whedon's "Waiting in the Wings" was superb, a reminder of the high points Angel could reach on a good day.



Monday 24 September 2001

Even as Angel mourns Buffy's death, he must do battle against a vampire he was friends with back in the 18th century Marseilles - and whose girlfriend he has just killed.


That Vision Thing

Monday 01 October 2001

Angel is forced to help Wolfram & Hart free a man being held by the Powers that Be after the law firm hires a demon who can cause Cordelia to experience terrifying visions and pain.


That Old Gang Of Mine

Monday 08 October 2001

Gunn's loyalties are tested after he discovers his old neighborhood gang is killing innocent demons for pleasure, and they, in turn, confront him for associating with a vampire.


Carpe Noctem

Monday 15 October 2001

While investigating a string of deaths involving bodybuilders whose bones have literally dissolved, Angel becomes trapped in the body of a 76-year-old man.



Monday 22 October 2001

Fred is resigned to leaving Los Angeles after her parents track her down and make her realize she really contributes nothing to the Angel Investigations team.



Monday 29 October 2001

Fred has a frightening encounter with Wesley and Gunn after they're infected with the blood of Billy Blim, the man Angel helped Wolfram & Hart free from the Powers that Be.



Monday 05 November 2001

A very pregnant Darla arrives in L.A. just as Gunn, Wesley and Fred begin translating an ancient Nyazian scroll which foretells the arrival of an evil entity called the Tro-Clon.



Monday 12 November 2001

As Lilah sends a SWAT team out to find Darla, a man whose family Angel and Darla killed back in 1764 is brought into the future to kill the two vampires.



Monday 19 November 2001

Fearing for her baby's life, Darla makes the ultimate sacrifice just as Holtz arrives to take his revenge on her and Angel.



Monday 10 December 2001

Angel quickly realizes that he has to come up with a plan to keep Connor safe from the growing number of demons, vampires and humans who want his son dead.



Monday 14 January 2002

Cordelia learns that the visions Doyle passed on to her will eventually kill her unless she agrees to go back in time and choose a different path in life.



Monday 21 January 2002

The Angel Investigations team gets into trouble after spreading themselves a bit too thin, and Angel begins to realize he has strong feelings for Cordelia.


Waiting in the Wings

Monday 04 February 2002

While attending a performence by a renowned ballet company that he also saw back in 1890, Angel realizes that nothing has changed - including the dancers.



Monday 18 February 2002

While Cordelia is overjoyed that the Groosalugg has returned, Angel struggles with this jealousy and Wesley discovers the meaning of the Nyazian Prophecies.



Monday 25 February 2002

As Fred and Gunn try to juggle their personal and work relationships, Wesley uncovers more information about the prophecy and approaches Holtz in hopes of preventing it.


Sleep Tight

Monday 04 March 2002

Angel is horrified to discover he's been drinking his own son's blood, and Wesley gets more than he bargained for when he tires to save Connor.



Monday 15 April 2002

As Fred, Gunn and Lorne try to figure out why Wesley would steal Connor, Angel tires to find a way to follow Holtz into the Quor-toth dimension and bring his son back home.


Double Or Nothing

Monday 22 April 2002

Even as Fred, Cordelia and Angel come to Gunn's aid when a demon arrives to collect his soul, Wesley realizes his actions have cost him his job and his friends at Angel Investigations.


The Price

Monday 29 April 2002

When the Angel Investigations offices are overrun by otherworldly slugs, Cordelia discovers more of her demonic abilities and a surprising visitor arrives from the Quor-toth dimension.


A New World

Monday 06 May 2002

As Angel tries to track down Connor in the streets of L.A., Lilah approaches a despndent Wesley with an offer from Wolfram & Hart.



Monday 13 May 2002

Holtz returns from the Quor-toth dimension and sets into motion the final part of his revenge against Angel.



Monday 20 May 2002

Cordelia and Angel make their way towards a private rendezvous unaware that both of their lives are about to change forever.


  • Starring: David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter
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  • Format: Widescreen, Color, Widescreen, Dolby
  • Aspect Ratio(s): 1.78:1
  • Audio Encoding: Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
  • DVD Release Date: February 10, 2004
  • Number of discs: 6

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