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Dark Shadows


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Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 1

The Collins Family of Collinsport, Maine, are introduced: Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, who hasn't left Collinwood, in 18 years; her brother, Roger Collins, who is vain, a snob and, like his sister, hiding a huge secret; Elizabeth's daughter, Carolyn Stoddard, who is full of 1960s teen angst; Governess Victoria Winters, a young woman who grew up in a New York foundly home and was unexpectedly and mysteriously offered her post as governess; and Roger's son David Collins.

Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 2

Collinwood's surly caretaker Mathew Morgan informs Victoria Winters that he believes the ghost of Josette Collins and other spirits inhabit the estate. In an attempt to settle the controversy surrounding the manslaughter case that sent Burke Devlin to prison, Collins Fishing Fleet Manager Bill Malloy sets up a private meeting for himself, Roger Collins, Same Evans and Burke.

Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 3

Victoria Winters assures Carolyn Stoddard that her loyalties lie with the Collins family, not with Burke Devlin. Victoria makes a startling discovery near the ocean. David Collins visits Burke at the Collinsport Inn and insists his father is a murderer. Burke makes an offer to Elizabeth Collins Stoddard to buy Collinwood. Roger Collins frantically searches to recover evidence that may incriminate him.

Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 4

When Victoria Winters searches the Old House for David Collins, she is abducted and held captive by Matthew Morgan, the Collinses fugitive caretaker who is hiding following the death of family friend Bill Malloy. A massive search is held to find Victoria. An angry and jealous Joe Haskell fights with Burke Devlin after he catches Carolyn Stoddard, his girlfriend, with Burke in his room at the Collinsport Inn.

Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 5

Victoria Winters and Frank Garner anxiously search for clues to Laura Collins strange origins and are led to a series of bizarre discoveries. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard orders Laura to leave Collinwood, but Laura secretly visits Elizabeth while she sleeps and places her in a trance. Laura warns Victoria that she will take control of her son, David Collins, but becomes frightened when the ghost of Josette Collins appears to her.

Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 6

Dr. Peter Guthrie and Joe Haskell break into Laura Murdoch Stockbridge s crypt at Eagle Hill Cemetery. David Collins informs Victoria Winters that he wants to go away with his mother, Laura. Guthrie arranges to conduct a seance at the Old House to contact Josette Collins ghost. Victoria believes David's life is in jeopardy.

Episodes 179-209, March 2, 1967 - April 14, 1967

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