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Dark Shadows


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Dark Shadows The Revival
Complete Series (1991)

Step inside the romantic but deadly world of "Dark Shadows," where love devours its victims and age-old secrets live to haunt eternity. A complete season of twelve heart-pounding episodes of witchcraft, seduction and revenge will have you thirsting for more…with every bite. 3 Discs.

Dark Shadows
(Special Edition)

A look behind the camera at how the show came to be created. Plus a tour of the mansion that served as the exterior of Collinwood, guided by Nancy Barrett (who played Carolyn Stoddard, Millicent Collins, Melanie Collins, and others). Promo spots include Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins, Bramwell Collins) promoting a local PBS channel, and Jerry Lacey (Reverend Trask) re-creating his Humphrey Bogart impersonation. A Spanish episode is included.

Dark Shadows Reunion

Originally airing as a daytime drama on ABC-TV from 1966-71, the series has become a television classic. Dark Shadows creator and executive producer Dan Curtis reunites with cast and production members to reminisce and enjoy some of the program’s most memorable moments. Dark Shadows Reunion includes many favorite episode highlights

Dark Shadows - Bloopers and Treasures (1966)

This special release offers a variety of rare and unusual material. Bloopers: Like other daytime dramas of its period, Dark Shadows was produced live in sequence, without stopping to correct any mistakes. This was before modern videotape editing, so the "bloopers" featured here were all part of the shows as broadcast. You'll see actors forget lines, crew members walk on camera, sets fall apart and dozens of other hilarious mishaps -- plus outtakes ... and much more!

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